For a couple of months I have been taking my dog to Fitdog following surgery on my dog’s leg. Nathalie, the owner, is really amazing with dogs. It’s obvious she loves each dog individually, but more importantly, she knows what she’s doing. My dog is on the road to recovery thanks to Fitdog. Highly recommend their services if your dog is recovering from an injury, or perhaps needs some physical therapy to deal with another ailment.

Frites – November 2016

Mon super Eros courageux, ça lui a fait un bien fou de se faire dorloté. Après son accident et son opération d’ablation de la tête de fémur 6 séances de physiothérapie et il peut de nouveau reposer sa patte et marcher presque normalement. Merci!

Eros – March 2016

Hei eng mega gudd adress wann Muppekand Arthrose oder soss irgend een Wéi hued …… Fitdog zu Steesel. Zenter dass ech mam Pixie beim Nathalie an beim Teresa sin (Massage,  Wassertherapie an Akupunktur, ) geet et menger Maus villlllll besser. Ech kann et nemmen empfehlen. Sie sin esou leif mat den Muppen ……. meng wellen souguer schon dohiner wann mir nemmen laanscht spazeieren gin.

Pixie – February 2016

Chère Nathalie,

Avant je boitais. Depuis que je viens chez toi pour la hydrothérapie, je marche sans boiter , je peux de nouveau sauter dans le canapé et monter les escaliers sans problème.Merci Nathalie , grâce à toi j’ai retrouvé ma joie de vivre et une seconde jeunesse!


Comtesse – December 2015

Teagan just loves to go there for her physio and hydro. I highly recommend it for all ages of dogs as they can all benefit from the treatments and the kind nature of Nathalie. Teagan is 8 now and I see the benefits each time. Nathalie is helping my happy girl stay healthy and fit despite her bad hips and she just loves to get in the water there.

Teagan – November 2015

We have a 7 year old labrador who broke his knee last year and underwent a very rough surgery with about 3 months of recovery. We started going to Nathalie once a week to help him build his stamina again and she did some physiotherapy together with hydrotherapy. Excellent results and can truly reccomend fitdog. Eddy is happy and healthy and sure enjoyed the water and treats.

Eddy – October 2015

Villmools Merci un d’Madame Janssen fir dat wat si fir d’Finn gemaach huet. No 2 Heftoperatiounen an 3 verschiddenen Physiotherapeutin wor Madame Janssen déi déi hatt erëm op d’Been krut. Et huet ganz vill Aarbecht kascht, Doheem wei och bei hir. Am Ganzen woren mer 5 Méint bei hier an Behandlung an d’Finn ass fit wei eh und je. Hatt rennt, sprengt, hopst, spillt, alles dat wat een sech vun engem jonken Hond vun engem Joer wënscht. An d’Finn wor och ëmmer immens frou fir dohinner ze goen.
Merci beaucoup pour votre aide. Vous savez très bien que Finn vous apprécie beaucoup et elle aimait vraiment venir chez vous. Surtout parce qu’elle savait ce que votre travail lui apporte.

Finn – September 2015

When we adopted Stella she had a badly broken leg. She couldn’t walk on her front left leg and had three consequent operations. What eventually really helped her to walk better were the treatments at Fitdog. These gave her more confidence and strength to walk better and thanks to Nathalie she now walks normal and painfree.

Stella – August 2015

My dogs just love to go to FitDog and Nathalie. For my old labrador this is heaven, after every session you can really see an improvement and she is so agile. Without Nathalie she would be stiff and be on painkillers. We just love FITDOG.

Wilma – July 2015