Fitdog’s Happy Tails: Teagan’s testimonial…

A great showcase of how veterinary medicine, physiotherapy and owner home management complement each other in working together towards your pet’s health!

From Teagan’s proud and relieved owner:
In December 2015 my 8 year old Irish Setter Teagan could not even take 10 steps pain free. My vet arranged a CT scan along with emergency pain relief to enable her to at least get out for a few minutes to relieve herself. I honestly thought that she would have to be put to sleep as she was barely able to go for a small walk and the pain she was in also caused severe depression which changed her entire character changed.
The scan results arrived within 2 days, not great news: She has arthritis in the shoulder, elbow, spine, hip, hip dysplasia and also a calcified tendon.
In the mean time, Teagan had gained 4 kgs in the time that she could not walk, approximately 8 weeks in total. My vet put her on a prescription weight loss diet and pain medication along with the supplements she was already taking such as glucosamine for joint health.
My vet advised me to continue weekly with the hydrotherapy sessions Teagan had been taking with Nathalie the proprietor of Fitdog. She loved to go there but we had to reduce her time drastically to aid her recovery. 

Five months on and a weekly session of hydrotherapy along with regular exercise, a strict diet and massage and stretching – which I learned during a workshop with Nathalie – she has made a complete turnaround!!!
She has lost the weight and is running off line in the forest like a dog half her age. She is up to 30 minutes each session of hydrotherapy and her personality is back to that of a dog half her age, bouncing around, boundless energy and generally back to her smiley clowning nature. We were also able to reduce her pain meds.


The most important message is that even if you have a bad or scary diagnosis, good vet care is a must, along with medication to assist in pain relief, but more important is the after care and complementary preventative care. Physiotherapy and hydrotherapy assist in healing and strengthening the soft tissue and joints which in turn will support the skeleton structure. Weight loss is a necessity, I now have a fit and healthy lady who will hopefully live to a nice old age pain free.
I honestly believe that good vet care, Fitdog and healthy diet is what has turned Teagan’s life around, with hard work and dedication from Me, Nathalie and my vet I have my super girl back! Hereby some recent pictures of Teagan to show she is back to full mobility and beyond! (Pictures courtesy of Lisbeth Ganer Photography )