Dog of the Month of September: Max

Max is an 8 year old king charles spaniel. He came to Fitdog at the beginning of the year, while he has been limping on his left back leg. After a referral to his vet, Max was diagnosed with a problem in his knee: a torn cranial cruciate ligament and luxating patella. Due to his age and another medical condition, it was decided to treat max conservatively with physiotherapy at first, to see if an operation could that way be avoided.
Max then started a physiotherapy and hydrotherapy treatment at the beginning of the year. Physiotherapy consisted of laser, electrotherapy, massage, stretches and a lot of exercises for core stability and to strengthen his leg and core muscles. Hydrotherapy allowed him to also build up his muscle mass, while the support of the water reduces the impact on his joints. The aim of this all is to stabilise his knee by building up his muscle mass, thereby reducing the impact of his injuries.


I am happy to say that Max’s knee has become much more stable and he know is able to walk without pain or limp, be his usual self and enjoy his walks. He is a very cheerful little boy that always bounces in ready for his treatment and ready to get working and give lots of kisses….

Max’s story is a great example of how physiotherapy can help your dog. However please note that physiotherapy is not a replacement for a veterinary treatment. In Max’s case, due to several factors, physiotherapy – in cooperation with his vet – was considered to be the best option. Physiotherapy however cannot repair the underlying condition of a torn cruciate ligament or patella luxation, this can only be done via orthopaedic surgery. In addition, non surgery treatment of this condition does require a long term physiotherapy and according commitment from both the dog and his owners. However when all parties are aware and agree to this, indeed physiotherapy can be a great option!

Thanks to Max and his owners for your trust, hard work and commitment, you truly are an example and therefore absolutely merit the dog of the month award!!