Fitdog, by Nathalie Janssen,
provides physical therapy services for your pet.

fitdog-animal-physiotherapyDogs lead active lives full of energy and motion. Physiotherapy can assist them with this.

Do you have an aging, possibly arthritic dog that has difficulty moving around? Or maybe a dog that had orthopaedic or neurological surgery, one that is lame or has recurring or chronic injuries? Or is your pampered pooch overweight or just needs to get fit again?

For these and more, Animal Physiotherapy can help!

Physical therapy and rehabilitation is available for pets of all ages and at all stages of life, from fast growing puppies to geriatric dogs, from the beloved household pet to the sporting or working dog.

Most cats will enjoy and benefit from some form of physiotherapy too!

Animal Physiotherapy works in much the same way as widely recognised Physiotherapy in human medicine. Animal physiotherapy treats orthopaedic or neurological conditions as well as overall health and fitness.

Physiotherapy is complimentary to, and does not replace,
a veterinary diagnosis and treatment!


If you want to find out if physiotherapy is right for your pet, then contact me today to set up an initial consultation!

House visits

If easier for yourself or more comfortable for your pet, house visits can be arranged upon request.


Does not have to be used purely for recovery and can be an important part of a dog’s exercise programme and overall well-being

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